A person named Jasmeen Kaur was followed and taken away forcefully by Tarikjot Singh from her job location and hidden underground while still alive in the distant Flinders Ranges area of South Australia state.

In a truly terrible act of revenge, a 21-year-old nursing student from India who was studying in Australia was taken against her will by her former boyfriend, driven a long distance, and hidden underground in a faraway place called the Flinders Ranges in South Australia. The court was informed about how Jasmeen Kaur, who lived in Adelaide City, lost her life in March 2021 at the hands of Tarikjot Singh. This happened just a month after she had reported him to the police for constantly following her.

On March 5, 2021, Kaur was taken away from her job location forcefully and transported for over 400 miles (644 km) while restrained with cable ties in the trunk of a car that Singh had borrowed from his roommate. According to reports from news.com.au and other websites, Singh buried Kaur in a not-so-deep grave. He had made some small cuts to her throat, but they were not fatal, and she remained conscious of her surroundings until she passed away at some point on March 6.

Singh admitted his guilt for the murder, but the shocking details of his crime were revealed during the court hearing on Wednesday. Prosecution lawyer Carmen Matteo described the murder as "inefficient" and highlighted the immense suffering endured by Kaur. Matteo expressed that Kaur must have experienced unimaginable terror while struggling to breathe and swallowing soil, ultimately succumbing to such a horrifying fate.

Kaur's family, including her mother, was present in court during the sentencing proceedings. It was revealed that Singh had planned the murder as a result of his inability to cope with the end of their relationship.

Matteo, the prosecutor, described the manner in which Kaur was killed as exceptionally cruel. The exact timeline of events remains unknown, including when her throat was cut, when she was placed in the burial grave, and when the grave was dug. However, the prosecution argued that the grave must have been prepared while Kaur was still alive.

The motive behind the killing was believed to be an act of vengeance or revenge. Singh had written multiple messages to Kaur prior to her death, which were never sent. One message read, "Your bad luck that I am still alive, cheap, wait and watch, will get the answer, each and every single one will get the answer."

Initially, Singh denied the murder, claiming that Kaur had taken her own life and he had buried the body. However, he later pleaded guilty before the trial was scheduled to commence. Singh led the authorities to the burial site where they discovered Kaur's shoes, glasses, work name badge, and cable ties in a bin.

CCTV footage captured Singh purchasing gloves, cable ties, and a shovel at a Bunnings store in Mile End just hours before the murder.

Singh is facing a mandatory life sentence, and the court is expected to determine a non-parole period next month. His lawyer is seeking a more lenient sentence, citing it as a "crime of passion."