A protest rally is being organized in Toronto, and the poster mentions the names and photos of the Indian high commissioner, Saurav Kumar Sharma, and counsellor Apurva Srivastava. India has requested Canada to take immediate action against individuals known as Khalistan extremists. These individuals are planning to march to Indian embassies in Toronto and Vancouver. They have falsely accused Indian diplomats and security agencies of being involved in the killing of Hardeep Singh Nijjar, who is designated as a terrorist. Nijjar, the leader of the Khalistan Tiger Force (KTF), was killed in a conflict between rival gangs on June 19 in the Sikh-dominated town of Surrey near Vancouver. Nijjar had connections with the organization SFJ, which is led by a designated terrorist based in the United States.

As Canada is enjoying a long weekend holiday, the Indian High Commission plans to officially communicate with the government of Justin Trudeau on Monday.

They will request the Federal Government to take necessary measures against Khalistan extremists who have been naming and issuing threats to Indian diplomats. In the upcoming protest rally in Toronto on July 8, the poster prominently displays the names and photos of Indian High Commissioner Saurav Kumar Sharma and Counsellor Apurva Srivastava. Similarly, in Vancouver, the posters for a simultaneous rally include the names of the High Commissioner and Consul General Vancouver Manish.

The audacity of the Khalistan extremists is evident as they have printed the phone numbers of the protest rally organizers on the posters, along with photos of their targets, which are Indian diplomats. An official stated that since the identities of those threatening Indian diplomats are known, the Canadian government has no excuses for not taking action or dismissing this threat as a legitimate democratic right of the protestors.

It is known that the Royal Canadian Mounted Police has already been in contact with the Indian High Commission in Toronto and Vancouver, and they have decided to provide personal security to Indian diplomats, including the High Commissioner and the Counsel General.

Despite New Delhi bringing up the threat posed by these Khalistan extremists to the Indian diaspora with the Justin Trudeau government, the latter chooses not to take any action against these violent elements. It is believed that the separatist Sikh community constitutes a significant vote bank for the present government, which is why they have been given a free pass by the Trudeau regime. The Khalistan extremists have even defaced Indian temples and targeted the Indian non-Sikh community. The Vancouver protest rally will begin from Guru Nanak Sikh Gurudwara, which had been taken over by Nijjar and his associates, and will conclude at the Indian Consulate in Vancouver. The Toronto protest rally will commence from Malton and proceed towards the Indian High Commission in Toronto.

In addition to the existing pressure on Indian diplomats, the SFJ (Sikhs for Justice) has resorted to social media to announce "kill India" rallies in eight countries, all scheduled to take place on the same day.