In Tamil Nadu's Cuddalore district, a caring person helped a sleepy cobra. They used water from a bottle to bring the snake back to life. This kind and brave act was captured in a popular video.

Pramod Madhav wrote about it: A video is going around the internet that shows an amazing and brave act by someone who cares about the environment. The video shows the person reviving a cobra by giving it water.

This happened in Thiruchoparur, a place in the Cuddalore district of Tamil Nadu.

It started when Natarajan found a sleeping cobra near his home. Natarajan was worried about the snake, so he quickly called his friend, Ezhumalai, who then contacted the famous environmental activist, Chella.

Chella, the environmental activist, came to the place quickly. He saw that the snake was not dead but very thirsty. To keep himself safe, Chella held the cobra's tail tightly while giving it water from a bottle.

Chella kept pouring water for the cobra, and the snake kept drinking. Slowly, the snake became more energetic. When the cobra showed signs of getting better, Chella used a bigger bottle to catch it safely. Then he released the snake in a forest, where it belongs.

While saving the snake, Chella told Natarajan and Ezhumalai that the cobra may have eaten a rat that had been poisoned. This made the snake dehydrated and unconscious.

The heartwarming video showing Chella's heroic actions in saving the snake's life has become very popular on social media.