No matter what happens, the most discussed and played part of the fun second Ashes Test will be the strange way Jonny Bairstow got out. It will be talked about a lot and shown over and over again.

In the second part of the morning session on Day 5, something really exciting happened. Ben Stokes was amazing and scored a century all by himself, giving England a chance to win the game. It reminded people of a similar exciting match at Headingley. But, surprisingly, the thing everyone will remember and watch again from this fun second Ashes Test is when Jonny Bairstow got out in a strange way. Although it was because of a clever move by Australia's wicketkeeper Alex Carey, Bairstow's strange action was the main reason for his dismissal.

A very exciting and intense situation occurred at Lord's after Jonny Bairstow's strange dismissal. It happened in the 52nd over, just before the lunch break on the last day of the Test match. England was hoping to even the series to 1-1 after Australia won in Birmingham. Cameron Green bowled a short and wide ball, and Bairstow, instead of playing it, decided to duck. Then, without checking with the wicketkeeper or the players in the slip, Bairstow casually walked away from the batting area in a relaxed manner, causing a lot of drama.

At Lord's, something very interesting happened after Jonny Bairstow's strange dismissal. The wicketkeeper, Alex Carey, was paying close attention to what was going on. He quickly threw the ball towards the stumps from his position and knocked off the bails. The players from Australia immediately appealed for an out, and Bairstow was left completely surprised and confused by what he saw. A few Australian players gathered around Ben Stokes and Bairstow, and they exchanged some words.

The TV umpire, Marais Erasmus, then reviewed the replays and decided that Bairstow was indeed out. According to Law 20, a ball is considered "dead" when it is "finally settled," and this decision is left to the umpire's judgment. Interestingly, the main umpire, Ahsan Raza, hadn't even signaled the end of the over yet. On Sky Sports commentary, former England captain Mike Atherton shared a message from former award-winning umpire Simon Taufel, who explained that the ball is not considered dead until "both sides agree that the ball is not in play."

This incident added even more drama and excitement to the match at Lord's.

The crowd at Lord's was very unhappy with the decision and they expressed their dissatisfaction by chanting, "Shame old Aussies, always cheating." They continued to cheer loudly whenever Ben Stokes hit a boundary after the incident. In the meantime, the new batsman, Stuart Broad, was seen tapping his bat at both ends while looking at the umpire and there was a lot of verbal exchange happening on the field.