The ex-India opener didn't hold back as he criticized the International Cricket Council (ICC), saying that India and Pakistan should compete against each other in the World Test Championship (WTC) as well.

After the defeat, Rohit also shared his concerns about the final format in the WTC; he believes that the title match should consist of three Test matches. While some fans and former cricketers agreed with
Rohit's suggestion, Cummins strongly disagreed.

I think it's alright. No issues. Ideally, you could have a series of 50 matches, but the Olympics have a single race to win a gold medal. AFL and NRL seasons have finals. That's how sports work," Cummins had stated.

Aakash Chopra, the ex-India opener, has raised another significant concern regarding the World Test Championship (WTC) as the International Cricket Council (ICC) released the fixtures for the third cycle of the tournament, set to begin with the Ashes this week. While echoing Rohit's viewpoint and advocating for a three-Test final series, Chopra also emphasized the importance of matches between India and Pakistan in the WTC, given that it is an ICC event.

In his statement on his YouTube channel, Chopra expressed, "In the WTC, you don't play against all teams. But this is the WTC, an ICC event. It has been four years now... Can you imagine an ICC event without India vs Pakistan? This can never happen. The India-Pakistan match is always scheduled at the start of the tournament to generate great commercial interest. It garners the highest ratings, and people profit from it."

So, isn't the World Test Championship (WTC) an ICC event? The ICC awards the mace, and they host the final. Therefore, all matches that take place within the WTC cycle should fall under the purview of the ICC," Chopra continued. "It will be six years, and we haven't had a single India-Pakistan series. Yet, this is also an ICC event. If it's not, then the distinction should be made clear. Let's call it bilateral cricket and acknowledge that the WTC was created solely to add glamour to Test matches.

Due to political tensions between the two countries, India and Pakistan do not engage in bilateral series. However, they have faced each other in ICC tournaments, with their most recent encounter taking place at the T20 World Cup in 2022, where India emerged victorious, defeating Pakistan by four wickets.