"CBSE Result 2023: Get the Latest Official Updates and Expected Release Date for Class 10 and 12 Board Exams to Plan Your Next Move"

 As we know, the CBSE exams took place a few weeks ago, but the results have not been released yet. Many fake news articles have been circulating claiming that the class 10 results have been released. In this article, we will provide you with 100% accurate information about this.

-Controversy over Class 10 Result Date

Many news articles have been uploaded on blogs claiming that the results will be released soon. However, they do not provide accurate information. The valuable information is on the CBSE official website, which shows the official updates released by CBSE. We used the official CBSE website to gather real facts and also consulted with people who work under CBSE, such as teachers and workers.

- Class 10 Result Released after Class 12 Result

As we have noticed in previous years, the class 10 results were usually released after the class 12 results. However, in this session (2022-2023), the class 10 exams started before the class 12 exams. So, it is unclear which class's result will be released first. This controversy has been ongoing for many years, but it is clear that the time difference between the release dates of both classes' results is very low.

-How Were the Students' Answer Sheets Checked by Teachers?

The checking and marking scheme of both classes are considered very good by the experts. This is excellent news for the students and also for the parents.

Minimum Passing Criteria for Class 10 and 12 Students!

Class 10: In class 10, students can gain relief because the passing marks are very low compared to class 12. In class 10, the student only needs to achieve a minimum of 33% overall. This means getting a minimum of 33 marks out of 100 marks, which includes 20 marks of internal assessment.

Class 12: Generally, CBSE class 12 students have gained good scores in class 12 exams. But, if we talk about the passing criteria of class 12, it is to get 33% marks in both exams and practicals.

Strategies of CBSE Board that Lead to Good Scores in Overall than Other State Boards

1. Most CBSE schools provide quality education to students with discipline.

2. Private or high-fee schools are mostly CBSE schools that spend extra time on students' studies for their good performance.

3. According to CBSE rules, students take a total of six board exams, which includes an exam of an extra subject like Physical Education, IT, etc.

4. If a student fails in one subject, it can be passed using the marks of the extra subject.

Disclaimer - We do not promote private schools or CBSE schools. We are just telling you that most CBSE schools have performed well in the past.

-Some Queries That Students Want to Clear

1. When will the class 10 CBSE result be declared?

- The experts expect the result to be declared by the end of April.

2. What is the official website of CBSE?

- cbse.gov.in

3. Is 80% a good score in class 10?

- The short answer is yes.

4. Can we take admission in polytechnic after class 10?

- Yes, you can take admission in polytechnic for a diploma of three years. You can also take admission in a government college based on your class 10 percentage and in some colleges after passing their entrance exam.

-Factors That May Affect the Result of This Session!

1. Students were pressurized for these board exams because they did not prepare well mentally and physically for these exams, as they did not study well during the lockdown due to Corona in India.

2. Overweightage of syllabus - compared to the previous year's Class 10 syllabus, the syllabus of this year is much larger in quantity. Thus, some weak students may not perform well. 

3. A small time period for students to prepare for their exams. As we know, most years, the exams started in March. But this year's board exams started on 16 February. 

From where you can get your Class syllabus of CBSE: 

-You can find the CBSE Class syllabus at https://cbseacademic.in/curriculum.html/.

How to check the result of Class 10 (2022-2023) when it is released: 

1. Go to the official website of CBSE (cbse.gov.in). 

2. Click on the result section. 

3. Click on the Class 10 result (2022-2023). 

4. Enter your details (roll no, date of birth, etc.). 

5. See your result and download it for future use. 

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